New Ministry Help – What to Do after a Breakup: Handling Pain and Regret Biblically by Reagan Marsh

Reagan Marsh, MATS, MDiv (eq.)

What to Do after a Breakup: Handling Pain and Regret Biblically by Reagan Marsh, MATS, MDiv (eq.)


The Greater Heritage Ministry Helps series of booklets teach important and relevant biblical topics in practical ways to help ministry professionals and believers grow spiritually and walk closer with Christ.

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In this Ministry Help Reagan Marsh takes God’s Word and guides the brokenhearted to peace as he helps them understand and navigate the pain and regret associated with the end of a relationship.

The booklet is a real life letter that the author wrote to a professing Christian brother who attended a church he pastored, and while specific identifying details are gone, it retains aspects of the original letter.

Because of this, readers and ministry leaders can utilize its contents to help others however the situation requires it (either by offering counsel or writing a similar letter to someone in need).

Moreover, the scriptural wisdom that Reagan applies doesn’t just apply to post-breakup moments; it speaks much further than merely that context, and delves into strategies that can help anyone handle pain and regret biblically.

1. Be honest about how sin has affected this situation.
2. Consider how your words have contributed to this moment.
3. Be careful to guard your heart.
4. Be alert as to your thoughts.
5. Battle bitterness and sinful anger.
6. Be vigilant about your mind’s intake and your soul’s diet.
7. Guard against idolatry in all its forms.
8. Submit yourself to the wise providence of God.
9. Focus on cultivating godly friendships.
10. Consider an apology letter.

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