Podcast S3, Ep. 5 – The Bible Exposition Commentary, 6 Volume Set by Warren W. Wiersbe

J.R. Waller, MBA


In this episode of The Greater Heritage podcast we present a Warren Wiersbe book review of The Bible Exposition Commentary, 6 Volume Set. The set is published by David C. Cook and available at Chrsitianbook.

Warren W. Wiersbe was a well known international Bible conference teacher with a heart for missions and a former pastor of Moody Church in Chicago. He served for ten years as General Director and Bible Teacher for Back to the Bible. Dr. Wiersbe authored more than 80 books, including the best-selling “BE” series. He was known as a “pastors’ pastor,” and his speaking, writing and radio ministries brought new understanding of the truths of God’s Word to people around the world.

To follow is an abbreviated review, for a more detailed review please consult the full episode above.

Abbreviated Review

Its rare to be able to pick up a Bible commentary set and walk away in a relatively short time with a thorough understanding about passages of scripture. Usually commentaries are too brief or far too in depth.

However, The Bible Exposition Commentary hits the sweet spot between those extremes, making it one of the most versatile Bible commentary sets around.

I really can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from having it on their shelf.

What also makes this set shine is its pastoral approach. Each commentary contains numerous asides from Warren, illustrations and sermon ready expositions.“I really can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from having it on their shelf.”

This makes the set immensely valuable for sermon and Sunday school lesson preparation. Its also nice to see that Warren was not afraid to share his views. It further complements his conversational and approachable style throughout.

While I have not read every part of the set, which is how it is for all commentary sets I review, it falls on the conservative side of Biblical scholarship, and is highly theologically sound throughout which is, above all else, the most essential factor in determining the worth of commentary sets.

In terms of cost, if you wait you can often find the set on sale, especially around the holidays, for around $40 to $50 which is a huge bargain.


The Bible Exposition Commentary is one of the most versatile, and accessible commentary sets around. Its sound as well.

Overall, it is the perfect set for lay ministers, Sunday school teachers and those looking for a nice complement or step up from a study Bible and who do not want to wade into overly complex theological territory.

Ultimately, an indispensable, practical resource for all levels of readers. Highly recommended!

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