Strength for the Battle: Turn of the Century Salvation Army Postcard Portraits

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Commander Booth-Tucker, The Late Consul Booth-Tucker, and General Booth

Commander Booth-Tucker (1853-1929), the Late Consul Booth-Tucker (1860-1903) and General Booth (1829-1912), c.1903, Rotary Photo 2122F, bromide postcard print. Frederick Booth-Tucker (1853-1929) was the son-in-law of William and Catherine Booth. He and his wife Emma Booth-Tucker (Late Consul Booth-Tucker) helped rejuvenate the American Salvation Army at the turn of the century through new social welfare programs and reforms. They also did considerable work in India.

Commissioner Edward J. Higgins

Commissioner Edward J. Higgins (1864-1947), c.1910, Great Britain, real photo postcard (RPPC). Edward J. Higgins (1864-1947) was the third General of the Salvation Army from 1929 to 1934. He was elected by the High Council as General during the tumultuous financial year of 1929. Edward was also a known writer.

General Booth

General Booth (1829-1912), c.1905, by E.H. Mills, England, Real Silverprint Photograph Series 2848 by The Rapid Photo Printing Co. Ltd. William Booth (1892-1912) was the founder and first General of the Salvation Army. Booth was a preacher, revivalist and travelling Methodist evangelist. He founded The Christian Mission at Whitechapel (1864) which later became the Salvation Army in 1878. His work on social work is still felt today.

General Wilfred Kitching

General Wilfred Kitching (1893-1977), c.1955, Great Britain, real photo postcard (RPPC). Wilfred Kitching (1893-1977) served as the seventh General of the Salvation Army from 1954 to 1963.

General and Mrs. Bramwell Booth

General (1856-1929) and Mrs. Bramwell Booth (1861-1957), c. 1912, by E.H. Mills, Great Britain, Rotary Photographic Series 2249C, real photo postcard (RPPC)

Mr. Bramwell Booth

William Bramwell Booth (1856-1929), c.1912, England, Rotary Photographic Series 2249B, real photo postcard (RPPC). William Bramwell Booth (1856-1929) was the second General of the Salvation Army and William and Catherine Booth’s oldest son. He was an anti-human trafficking advocate, promoter of youth work and writer.

Mrs. General Bramwell Booth

Mrs. General Bramwell Booth (1861-1957), c.1910, Great Britain, real photo postcard (RPPC). Florence Eleanor Booth (1861-1957) was the wife of William Bramwell Booth (1856-1929). She joined the Salvation Army in 1880 and worked tirelessly throughout her tenure to open shelters for girls and women. She homeschooled all of her children and was a noted musician. She is remembered as a pioneer of social work through her actions as founder of The Women's Social Work.

The Late General Booth

The Late General Booth (1829-1912), c.1905, by Falk, Britain, Rotary Photo 2122L, real photo postcard (RPPC)