O Lord – A Poem by Katie Greene

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O Lord – A Poem

by Katie Greene


Recently, as I looked back at my old prayer journal, I reflected on how God had changed me even within just one year. Our sanctification is often seen through our prayer life, how we view God, our supplication to Him, and even our basic theology. This poem illustrates that transformation by following an individual’s prayers throughout their life.


O Lord, are You there?
I have a request.
If You answer, I promise I’ll keep trying my best.
I think I’m pretty good.
I follow Your rules.
Can You just help me do a little better in school?

O Lord, are You there?
It’s me again.
I guess I wasn’t as good as I thought I’d been.
I think I need Your help.
Life feels out of control.
Trying to manage it myself is really taking a toll.

O Lord, are You here?
I believe that You are.
I’m sorry for being self-centered so far.
I want Jesus in my heart,
And His sacrifice for my sin.
Thank You, God. I’m all in.

O Lord, You are here.
I am learning and growing.
Your work in my heart is definitely showing.
I can’t stop sharing about my salvation.
I feel like I’m really on fire for You!
Oh, and while You’re listening, can You help me stop sinning too?

O Lord, listen up.
This is getting pretty hard.
Why would you let my reputation be marred?
I knew Christianity wouldn’t always be easy,
But this seems excessive.
Would You mind being a little more protective?

O Lord, I’m sorry.
I put my wants first,
But only You can truly satisfy my thirst
I know You’ll provide,
So where are You calling me to go?
I’ll be on my way as soon as You let me know.

O Lord, where are You?
We’re hurting down here.
Can You just show Yourself so we don’t have to live in fear?
I try to have faith,
But it all hurts so bad.
How could You allow Your people to be this sad?

O Lord, I am here.
I trust Your way.
I know I might not understand it today.
But You are wise, strong, and able.
You’re higher than me.
What You have ordained, Lord, let it be.

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