Podcast S5, Ep. 5 – Ryan Denton (Christ in the Wild Ministries) – TGH Speaker Series

J.R. Waller, MBA

Episode Description

In this podcast episode we talk with Ryan Denton, founder of Christ in the Wild Ministries, and author of Augustine the Evangelist: The Zeal, Hope and Methodology of the Bishop of Hippo and other books on evangelism and open air preaching.

Throughout our discussion Ryan shared with us his insights about evangelism and open air preaching, specifically what it’s like to be a street preacher, the difference between being a pastor and an evangelist and common evangelism “myths.”

We also discussed the writing process, what it’s like to be a Christian author and church planting.

Thank you to Ryan Denton for coming alongside us for the interview. We’re proud and honored to see him grow as an author and we look forward to what God has in store for him next.

To learn more about Ryan’s ministry, check out Christ in the Wild’s website here.

Follow Ryan Denton on Twitter here.

You can purchase Augustine the Evangelist and Ryan Denton’s other books here and wherever books are sold.

Intro and outro music provided by John Fairfull.

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