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Three Hallmarks of a Biblical Church Member by Tom Pennington


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Are you a biblical church member?

Tragically, many Christians are not biblical church members. Equally true is that a vast number of Christians have no idea what that even means. They come from or attend churches where Scripture is not a primary concern, and have never been accurately taught from the Word of God what it means to be a biblical member of Christ’s church.

The New Testament teaches that Christians are the body of Christ with certain responsibilities and duties to perform in the church. Christians also belong to a family, with obligations to every brother and sister in Christ. For these reasons, every member is required to engage in the church in the way the Bible explicitly prescribes.

In Three Hallmarks of a Biblical Church Member, Tom Pennington identifies from Scripture three nonnegotiable hallmarks that every Christian must pursue to be a biblical church member. Tom challenges believers to assess their own involvement in Christ’s church to determine if they are truly biblical members—not only for the health of the church, but for the glory of the One who gave His life for the church, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Praise for Three Hallmarks of a Biblical Church Member

“Tom Pennington is a seasoned pastor and faithful expositor, possessed with uncommon giftedness. His understanding of what the church is to be and how it is to function, is true to Scripture and well presented in this book, Three Hallmarks of a Biblical Church Member. I believe that every Christian would be well served to read this book and follow its counsel. May God’s church be strengthened as its members learn what is required of them through the truth found in these pages.” –Steven J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries, Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries, Professor of Preaching, The Masters Seminary

“In this meaty and satisfying book, Tom Pennington helps us love the church better through the pursuit of meaningful membership. Meaningful membership that makes a priority of actively attending Lord’s Day worship, discovering and deploying one’s spiritual gifts for the benefit of others, and sharing life together in loving community. In a day of church hopping and shopping let this timely resource help you ask not what your church can do for you but what you can do for your church.” –Philip De Courcy, Pastor, Kindred Community Church (Anaheim Hills, California) and teacher on the daily radio program Know the Truth

“In this concise and penetrating look at church membership, Tom Pennington provides a compelling biblical case for committed involvement in a local church. He takes us from the vitality of corporate worship to the practical dynamics of fellowship in the body, giving us fresh eyes to see the joy and spiritual strength of active membership in a local assembly. Prepare to have your assumptions challenged, your convictions deepened, and your usefulness freshly invigorated.” –Jerry Wragg, Senior Pastor, Grace Immanuel Bible Church (Jupiter, Florida), President, The Expositors Seminary (Jupiter, Florida), author of Courageous Churchmen and co-Author of Free to Be Holy

“In a welcomed twist on how most people think about their relationship with their church, Tom Pennington prompts Christians to take the next step and not only consider whether their church meets their expectations. God, of course, has revealed a set of expectations for every church member as well. This concise and helpful guide unpacks the essential biblical requirements which all Christians would do well to utilize as the means for prayerful reflection and self-evaluation.” –Mike Fabarez, Senior Pastor, Compass Bible Church (Aliso Viejo, California)

“What Tom writes in this book represents truth that he has practiced. He has practiced these truths as a Christian, and he has taught and led others in the practice of these truths as a faithful shepherd. This is a book desperately needed at the present time. The teaching of biblical ecclesiology is sorely neglected, and the result is that believers and churches are suffering. This is a resource that I rejoice in greatly and plan to make use of in the life of our own congregation.” –Richard Caldwell Jr., Pastor-Teacher, Founders Baptist Church (Spring, Texas) author of Pastoral Preaching: Expository Preaching for Pastoral Work

“Those who choose to get this book personally, or purchase it for others, will be making a solid investment in a resource that will encourage every reader to be a more biblical church member and to be more involved in their church.” –Joe Collis, Host of Back2theWord and Digital Media Specialist, First Baptist Church of Kettering (Dayton, Ohio)

Tom Pennington has served as Pastor-Teacher at Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas since 2003. Prior to arriving in Texas, Tom served in various roles at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California for 16 years. His ministry at Grace included being an elder, Senior Associate Pastor, and the personal assistant to John MacArthur. Tom was also an adjunct faculty member of The Master’s Seminary and Managing Director of Grace to You.

Tom is a graduate of Bob Jones University and holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) from The Master’s University. In addition to his role at Countryside, Tom travels internationally to train pastors in expository preaching. He currently serves as the Dean of the Dallas Distance Location of The Master’s Seminary where he also is an adjunct professor. He teaches various pastoral and preaching courses.

Tom’s Sunday morning and evening pulpit ministry at Countryside provides a majority of the content on The Word Unleashed. You can follow Tom on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Foreword – Rocky Wyatt
Hallmark #1 – Corporate Worship
1. Worship in the Church
2. The Priority of Corporate Worship
3. The Elements of Corporate Worship
4. The Practice of Corporate Worship
Hallmark #2 – Service
5. Service in the Church
6. Speaking and Serving Gifts
Hallmark #3 – Fellowship
7. Fellowship in the Church
Scripture Index

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-953855-72-5
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ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-953855-76-3

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