The Woman’s Head Covering: A Biblical Perspective by Dr. George R. Sledd


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I claim Christ Jesus as my covering. I look to him as my head and my righteousness. I trust him as my only covering of salvation.

The Apostle Paul, in his first letter to the Church at Corinth, stated “But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head.”

What does this mean for modern-day Christians? Are women to have their heads covered at church and for worship? Or does the doctrine of the head covering no longer apply?

In this meticulously detailed exposition, Dr. Sledd takes readers on a thorough exploration of the doctrine of the head covering by analyzing scripture, first century Corinthian pagan worship, and the original Greek language.

His research gives a clear understanding for today and teaches the importance of celebrating the distinctions between male and female, and that all Christians are covered by the true covering – the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

George R. Sledd (D.D.) is Senior Pastor of Jordan Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida, and is Treasurer and Executive Director of Baptist Faith Missions. Dr. Sledd holds a bachelor’s degree from Lexington Baptist College, Master of Divinity from Atlantic Coast Bible College and Seminary and Doctor of Divinity from Master’s International University of Divinity. He and his wife Pam have three children and five grandchildren.

1. The Head Covering in History
2. Is the Head Covering to Be an Ordinance Given to the Lord’s Churches?
3. The Head Covering as a Matter of Conscience in Public Worship
4. The Purpose of the Head Covering in Public Worship
5. The Head Covering: A Command or Temporary Tradition?
6. Should Women Wear Head Coverings Today?
7. The True Covering

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ISBN (MOBI): 978-1-953855-86-2
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Published March 2021
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