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The Going to Church Book: Why Church Matters, Even When We Think It Doesn’t by J.D. Gomez Jr. (coming soon)

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J.D. Gomez

Jesus (Jesse) David “J.D.” Gomez Jr. was raised in Southern California in the hoods of Santa Ana up until his freshmen year of High School. Jesse aka (The Chicano Knox) is a husband, father, evangelist, and host of Bibletheory, a podcast about the church and for the church. Jesse went from gangster to gospel in 2006, during a Christian hip-hop concert in Arizona, and he became a Christian hip-hop artist for a time but left the industry in 2009 for ministry. J.D. currently resides in Colorado with his wife Diana, and four children (Selah, Santiago, Esperanza, and Catalina). He has more than ten years’ experience in prison ministry, evangelism outreach, and writing. You can follow J.D. on Facebook, Patreon, Twitter, YouTube, GETTR and Buy Me a Coffee.





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