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The Ten Commandments: An Exposition by R.W. Dale


The Ten Commandments: An Exposition by R.W. Dale

R. W. Dale brings theological clarity to the Ten Commandments.

In this brilliant exposition, the great diplomat and preacher R.W. Dale brings theological clarity to the Ten Commandments as he teaches what they mean for individuals, societies, and nations.

Dale’s passion for politics and social reform are showcased to great effect throughout the study, as is his knowledge of Jewish law and history.

While Dale spoke to the needs and spirit of late Victorian Era British Christians, his insights are equally valuable for contemporary believers, especially those who desire a well-rounded understanding of Jewish history, and how God’s Ten Commandments apply to their lives.

Robert William Dale, D.D. (1829-95) was an influential English Congregational Nonconformist minister, theologian, and writer. He attended Spring Hill College, and the University of London. He earned a D.D. from Yale and honorary L.L.D. from the University of Glasgow. He pastored in Birmingham at Carr's Lane Church and was highly involved in the city. He helped found Mansfield College, Oxford, was Chairman of the Congregational Union of England and Wales, and President of the International Congregational Council. He supported the Civic Gospel, advocated for social improvements, and applied Christian ethics to contemporary society.

The First Commandment
The Second Commandment
The Third Commandment
The Fourth Commandment
The Fifth Commandment
The Sixth Commandment
The Seventh Commandment
The Eighth Commandment
The Ninth Commandment
The Tenth Commandment

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