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Seven Years’ Street Preaching in San Francisco, California by William Taylor (Deluxe Hardcover Edition)

Deluxe Hardcover

Seven Years’ Street Preaching in San Francisco, California by William Taylor (Deluxe Hardcover Edition)

One of Americana’s most galvanizing religious literary in a deluxe hardcover volume!

In 1848, William Taylor, one of Methodism’s foremost pioneers in 19th century missions work, was called to California. He settled in the burgeoning metropolis of San Francisco and quickly became a prolific open-air preacher, church planter and reformer in the “land of gold and crime.”

In this magnificent account, Taylor’s unvarnished, vibrant, and immediate first-hand narrative chronicles the throes of a global city in its formative years.

Feigning eloquence for directness, Taylor’s tour through “the streets and lanes,” and “highways and hedges” brims with local flavor while his sketches and vignettes detail the old west just as it was; filled with a wild, newfound freedom yet deeply in need of the gospel’s reforming influence.

Amid the fires, duels, steamship disasters and gold rush, his stalwart influence through street evangelism shows us at once the power of a preacher keenly in tune with the needs of his people and the rousing power inherent in God’s word.

Seven Years’ stands mightily as one of Americana’s most galvanizing religious literary timepieces, and now, in this new edition, it is available for a new generation of readers.

Also available in eBook and paperback formats.

William Taylor (1821-1902) was a trailblazing American Methodist Episcopal missionary, author, bishop and global evangelist. His early career is synonymous with California and street evangelism. Often compared to St. Paul, Taylor traveled far and wide, pioneering innovative approaches to missions for nearly half a century in places such as Australia, the Congo and South Africa. The self-sufficiency of churches in the field was his top priority. He emphasized a “locally financed” church model that relied on local economies instead of overseas support; a methodology still used today.

1. First Preaching on the Plaza
2. Street Preaching
3. Objections to Street Preaching Considered
4. Suggestions for a Street Preacher
5. Primitive Class-Meetings in San Francisco
6. My First Preaching in the Streets of Sacramento City
7. Starvation in an Ex-City Hospital
8. A Broadside Upon the Army of the Aliens
9. The Irish Sailor’s Dilemma
10. “They’ll Think I’m a Thief”
11. Preaching in a Gambling-House
12. City of San Francisco in an Uproar
13. City Hospital on Fire
14. The Preaching That Killed the Plaza Clown
15. Helped to a Text by the Thief That Stole My Money
16. The Human Heart
17. The Independence Bell
18. King David’s Fool
19. The Time the Lord Did Not “Keep the City,” and Why – The Great Fire
20. Arrival of Missionaries
21. The Whisky-Barrel Pulpit and the Pork-Barrel Pulpit
22. Wayside Hearers
23. A Mother’s Toddy-Loving Son
24. The Death of Belshazzar
25. A Personal Collision on the Plaza
26. A Living Illustration
27. California Husbands Meeting Their Wives
28. “Declaration of Independence”
29. Profane Swearing
30. A Sabbath Day’s Work
31. “Save Me From My Friends”
32. Defense of the Sabbath
33. Evil Tidings
34. The Reprobate Sailor Redeemed
35. The Drunken Suicide’s Funeral
36. A Peep Into a California Love-Feast
37. “You’ve Knocked Me All Into a Kink.”
38. Honorary Church Members and “O, I’m So ‘Shamed”
39. The Sailor’s Vision on Long Wharf
40. “A Sabbath-Day’s Journey” in San Francisco
41. The Fare Has Risen
42. A Duelist’s Funeral
43. Restitution
44. “Shanghaeing” the Sailors
45. James King, of Wm., and His Moral Platform
46. The Fountain Opened
47. The Missionary to Nineveh
48. The Downfall of the Haman Family
49. Letters From Home
50. Patriotic Persuasives to Be a Christian
51. A “Legion” of California Devils and A Hard Case
52. The Sebastopol of “Old Nick.”
53. Triumphant Death Scenes

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