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Augustine the Evangelist: The Zeal, Hope and Methodology of the Bishop of Hippo by Ryan Denton

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Augustine the Evangelist: The Zeal, Hope and Methodology of the Bishop of Hippo by Ryan Denton

In this groundbreaking study, scholar and church planter Ryan Denton sheds new light on Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD).

Through careful historical and cultural research, Denton weaves a fascinating study of the pastoral heart and gospel-driven mind of one of Christendom’s seminal figures – a man whose prowess as a theologian has unjustly clouded his zealous determination to see souls saved and the Kingdom of Christ advanced on earth. Breathtakingly beautiful in its scope, Augustine the Evangelist is a significant work of Christian scholarship and an inspiring lesson about the importance of evangelism.

Ryan Denton was a pastor on the Navajo reservation before starting Christ in the Wild Ministries, which he has directed since 2016. He is a teaching elder and evangelist with Vanguard Presbytery. He is the author of numerous books on evangelism and currently lives in Texas with his family.

Foreword - Dr. Thomas J. Nettles
1. Augustine’s Conversion and Legacy
2. Pre-conversion Influences on Augustine’s Evangelism
3. Optimistic Evangelism
4. Predestination and Evangelism
5. Other Evangelism Benefits Accruing from Predestination
6. Augustine’s Evangelism to Pagans
7. City of God and Evangelism
8. Religious Coercion
9. Miracles and Pragmatism
10. Augustine’s Evangelistic Preaching

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