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Anthology 2022: Guest Writings from The Greater Heritage

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Anthology 2022: Guest Writings from The Greater Heritage

Welcome to Anthology 2022!

Anthology 2022 is a “best of” collection of writings and book excerpts from content published by The Greater Heritage, a Christian publisher that equips believers for an abundant life of service, personal spiritual growth, and character development.

Subjects include Bible studies, devotionals, theology, church history, poetry, Christian fiction and more. All of the writings in this collection exemplify a commitment to biblical authority and sound theology and offer a wellspring of hope, encouragement, and inspiration as they communicate the truths of God’s word into the hearts and minds of readers.


Jacqulenne Robbin Bundy
Jacqulenne is a member of Eanon Baptist Church in Morris, Alabama, where she leads its ladies group. She enjoys book clubs, crafting, art, and animals. She also homeschools her niece and is a caretaker for her family. She holds an Associate of Psychology and believes that life is an ongoing journey of learning and growing.

Mandi Cooper
Mandi is a writer and Christian living in northern Virginia. In her free time, she enjoys theology, politics, playing the piano, and hiking.

Cameron Diamond
Cameron is a youth pastor in Newberry, FL at Jonesville Baptist Church. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the Baptist College of Florida and is the host of Living Worship with Cameron Diamond. He is currently pursuing a Master of Christian Studies. He is also the author of The Parable of the Sower: An Exegesis, a Study Guide for The Greater Heritage.

John Fairfull
John is a singer-songwriter and former lead guitarist and singer for Five Minute Plan, a Central Florida indie rock band. John also serves as the Music and Media Director at Jordan Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida, is the Owner of Simplicity Solutions Group, a software company in Orange City, Florida and is the author of I’m Still Writing These Lines: Lyrics by John Fairfull and co-author of The Christmas Mushroom.

Katie Greene
Katie is a Quantitative Research Specialist at Compassion International. She minored in Biblical Studies while receiving her B.S. in Business Administration from Cairn University and is currently pursuing her M.S. in Quantitative Psychology. She is passionate about studying God’s word and sharing what she’s learned with others, whether in formal teaching contexts or casual conversations. In her free time, she enjoys calligraphy, cooking, and baking.

William Harrison
William is a senior at The Baptist College of Florida, majoring in Missions. He and his wife, Callie, are passionate about coordinating missions for unreached people groups. He attends First Baptist Chipley while enrolled at BCF, and is a member of Immanuel Baptist in Tallahassee, Florida. He enjoys spending time with his dog, Willie, and writing biblical poetry.

Matthew Howden
Matthew is a seminary student at Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary & College in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. He is married to Amanda. They have two children, Jonah and Abigail. Matthew attends Urban Grace Church in Calgary. He has written two Study Guides for The Greater Heritage, including John Calvin and Worship in the Church and Five Key Bible Doctrines.

Elizabeth Margaret
Elizabeth is an aspiring author and is a junior at the Baptist College of Florida. She enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and short novels. She has a passion to inspire young women to own their faith, to read the Bible, and then apply it to their lives. Lizzy maintains a YouTube channel and a poetry website. In her free time, she enjoys working out early in the morning along with playing musical instruments.

Christian M. McShaffrey
Christian (Undergraduate studies University of St. Francis; Dipl. Worsham College of Mortuary Science; M.Div. Mid-America Reformed Seminary) serves as the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of Wisconsin and Minnesota of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and is the Pastor of Five Solas Church in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, where he resides with his wife and six children. He is also the co-editor of Why I Preach from the Received Text: An Anthology of Essays by Reformed Ministers and editor-in-chief of the Text & Translation webzine.

Jeffrey T. Riddle
Jeffrey (B.A. Wake Forest University; M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D. Union Presbyterian Seminary) hosts the podcast Word Magazine and is the Pastor of Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Louisa, Virginia. He resides in North Garden, Virginia, with his wife Llewellyn and the younger of his five children. He is the co-editor of Why I Preach from the Received Text: An Anthology of Essays by Reformed Ministers.

Thiago Silva, ThM
Thiago is from Brazil and he currently serves as the pastor of Bethel Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He holds a Master of Theology (ThM) from Calvin Theological Seminary and is a PhD student at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He enjoys coffee and a good glass of wine. He is married to Lidia and is the father of three children.

Dr. George R. Sledd
Dr. Sledd is Senior Pastor of Jordan Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida, and is Treasurer and Executive Director of Baptist Faith Missions. Dr. Sledd holds a bachelor’s degree from Lexington Baptist College, Master of Divinity from Atlantic Coast Bible College and Seminary and Doctor of Divinity from Master’s International University of Divinity. He and his wife Pam have three children and five grandchildren. He is also the author of The Woman’s Head Covering: A Biblical Perspective and Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine: The Eternal Hope of Christianity.

Paul Tambrino, EdD, PhD
Paul is President Emeritus of the Iowa Valley Community College District, and former Academic Vice President of Warren County Community College. Prior to becoming an academic administrator he taught accounting and more recently theology at several colleges and seminaries, served in the U.S. Army Reserve, writes a weekly newspaper column, and has written several journal articles and the books Ask Augustine, Mariology: Past, Present and Future and Big Truths for Growing Minds: Stories of Long, Long Ago. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology from Trinity Seminary, and a Doctor of Education from Temple University. Paul was awarded the honorary rank of a three star general at the US Air War College, Air War University-class of 1997 and he is a Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary International. Today, he enjoys spending time with his family, rooting for the Yankees and spreading God’s word. Paul is also the co-author of several Study Guides for The Greater Heritage including, The Lord’s Table, Theology from A to Z, and Is the Trinity Biblical?

Kathryn Tipton
Kathryn is a Christian Studies junior and music minor at the Baptist College of Florida. She works at The Vineyard Christian Retreat, a Christian camp in southeast Alabama. Her hobbies include playing music, singing, web design, photography, and writing. She attends and serves at Eanon Baptist Church and hopes to one day be involved in full time ministry.

J.R. Waller, MBA
J.R. is the Founder of The Greater Heritage. He holds an MBA from Rollins College, Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University and Bible Knowledge Certificate from The Master’s Seminary. He is former James Madison Institute Leaders Fellow and University of Central Florida Center for Public and Nonprofit Management Fellow. He is the author of seven books, including The Moments in Between and Truth That Endures Forever and is co-author of several Study Guides for The Greater Heritage including The Lord’s Table, Theology from A to Z, and Is the Trinity Biblical?

Neil Whitwam, MS, MA
Neil is an orthopedic nurse practitioner with over 30 years’ experience. He is also an avid student of God’s word and is active in his local church. As a writer he seeks to both inspire and entertain readers through fun and uplifting stories that point audiences to Jesus Christ. Neil holds a Master of Science in Nursing from The University of Central Florida and Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from Liberty University. He is married to Brenda, and they have two adult daughters.


Introduction - J.R. Waller, MBA
2022 Guest Writers

Mandi Cooper, A Very Present Help in Trouble (Psalm 55)
J.R. Waller, The Christian’s Armor of Light
Neil Whitwam, The Cult of Cain
George R. Sledd, How to Communicate with Your Child
J.R. Waller, How to Know God
George R. Sledd, How to Train the Conduct of Your Children
John Fairfull, In the Presence of My Enemies - Psalm 23
J.R. Waller, Lay the Weights Aside
Cameron Diamond, Much Ado about False Teachers: A Look at Jude
Kathryn Tipton, Resolve to be Dissolved
J.R. Waller, Who Thinks for You?
Mandi Cooper, Wisdom and Love

J.R. Waller, A Responsibility to Tradition
Katie Greene, Aligning Prayer and Priorities
Elizabeth Margaret, The Faults of the Heroes of the Faith
Elizabeth Margaret, Hope
J.R. Waller, Nourish and Cherish
Jacqulenne Robbin Bundy, The Testing of Your Faith
J.R. Waller, Virtue’s Beautiful Role in the Christian Life

William Harrison, Bad Things Happen
Kathryn Tipton, Church Truth
Neil Whitwam, Little Willie’s World
Neil Whitwam, Mawthiw the Mouse
Katie Greene, O Lord
William Harrison, Poem of False Teaching
J.R. Waller, The Sound of Rain (Chapter 1 from The Moments in Between)

Paul Tambrino, The Bible States Women Are to Be Subject to Their Husbands. Is This a Put Down of Women?
Thiago Silva, The Centrality of Scripture
Matthew Howden, Christology: An Introduction
Elizabeth Margaret, Daughters Raised to Sonship - An Essay on Christian Feminism
Paul Tambrino, Do You Think the Most Dangerous Sermon in America Was Jonathan Edwards’ Sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?”
Matthew Howden, Ecclesiology: An Introduction
Matthew Howden, Eschatology: An Introduction
Christian M. McShaffrey, From Certainty, to Doubt, and Back Again
Paul Tambrino, How Can We Be So Certain That Christ Really Rose from the Dead?
Paul Tambrino, How Were the People Who Lived before the Time of Christ Saved?
Thiago Silva, John Calvin’s Pastoral Concern for the Church
Matthew Howden, Pneumatology: An Introduction
Matthew Howden, Soteriology: An Introduction
J.R. Waller, Tacitus, Pliny, Josephus and Suetonius on Jesus and Early Christianity
Jeffrey T. Riddle, Train Up a Child
Paul Tambrino, What Are Religious Sects and What Do They Teach?
Paul Tambrino, What Does It Mean That Jesus Christ Is the Logos?
Paul Tambrino, What Is the Jefferson Bible?

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