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The Mind of Jesus: Devotionals for Tranquil Mornings by John Ross Macduff


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Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus!

The human mind is afforded much attention in today’s world. We strive to keep ourselves in a positive “state of mind.” “Mindfulness” is a booming industry, and we go to great lengths to use our minds to their fullest potential.

However, in order to develop our minds properly, we need to study and embrace the greatest mind of all, the mind of Jesus. As Christians, He is our standard. We must learn to think as He thought, and about how He approached life.

In this inspiring collection of 31 devotionals, one for each morning of the month, John Ross Macduff helps readers learn how to conform their minds to the mind of Jesus.

Originally published in 1860, The Greater Heritage is proud to offer this classic in a new and updated edition which includes footnotes that clarify certain words, and that introduce readers to various historical figures referenced by Macduff. Also included is a foreword by J.R. Waller, Founder of The Greater Heritage.

Through The Mind of Jesus: Devotionals for Tranquil Mornings, you can begin each day with a Christ-like mindset.

John Ross Macduff, D.D. (1818-95) was a minister for the Church of Scotland. He studied at the University of Edinburgh and went on to hold pastoral positions at Kettins in Forfarshire (modern day Perth and Kinross), St. Madoes in Perthshire (modern day Perth and Kinross) and Sandyford in Glasgow. He was a noted hymn writer and prolific and popular devotional writer. Macduff earned Doctor of Divinity degrees from the Universities of Glasgow and New York.

Foreword by J.R. Waller
First Morning – Compassion
Second Morning – Resignation in Trial
Third Morning – Devotedness to God
Fourth Morning – Forgiveness of Injuries
Fifth Morning – Meekness
Sixth Morning – Thankfulness
Seventh Morning – Unselfishness
Eighth Morning – Submission to God’s Word
Ninth Morning – Prayerfulness
Tenth Morning – Love to the Brethren
Eleventh Morning – Sympathy
Twelfth Morning – Fidelity in Rebuke
Thirteenth Morning – Gentleness in Rebuke
Fourteenth Morning – Endurance of Contradiction
Fifteenth Morning – Pleasing God
Sixteenth Morning – Grief at Sin
Seventeenth Morning – Humility
Eighteenth Morning – Patience
Nineteenth Morning – Subjection
Twentieth Morning – Not Retaliating
Twenty-first Morning – Bearing the Cross
Twenty-second Morning – Holy Zeal
Twenty-third Morning – Benevolence
Twenty-fourth Morning – Firmness in Temptation
Twenty-fifth Morning – Receiving Sinners
Twenty-sixth Morning – Guilelessness
Twenty-seventh Morning – Activity in Duty
Twenty-eighth Morning – Committing Our Way to God
Twenty-ninth Morning – Love of Unity
Thirtieth Morning – Not of the World
Thirty-first Morning – Calmness in Death

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Published November 2020
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