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The High Calling of God: Meditations on St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians by John Henry Jowett


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I am persuaded that there is nothing which would more profoundly impress the world than just the illumination of the ordinary manners of the professing Christian with the grace and light of the Lord Jesus.

Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi is one of the most beloved entries in the New Testament. Its encouraging discussions about God’s grace, Godly living, joy and how to press forward in the Christian life have inspired countless generations.

While there have been many studies on Philippians, Dr. Jowett’s is something entirely special and distinct. With his customary warm tone, keen empathy and deep humility, Jowett’s verse-by-verse exposition inspires devotion, deepens joy, and clothes the soul in praise – all of which were Jowett’s goals for the reader in this book.

Wonderfully clear and approachable, The High Calling of God is essential reading for both those new to and familiar with the book of Philippians.

John Henry Jowett D.D. (1863-1923) was an English Congregationalist minister and one of the most regarded and beloved preachers during the turn of the century. He pastored at the influential churches of St. James Congregational Church in Newcastle-upon Tyne, Carrs Lane Congregational Church, Birmingham, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City and Westminster Chapel, London. He founded the Digbeth Institute of Birmingham, was president of the National Council of Evangelical Free Churches and was honored as a Companion of Honour.

1. The Courtesy Born of Jesus (Phil. 1:1-2)
2. The Grace of Thanksgiving (Phil. 1:3-8)
3. The Fortune of Misfortune (Phil. 1:9-14)
4. Bad Motives in Good Work (Phil. 1:15-19)
5. The Soul in Straits (Phil. 1:20-26)
6. The Heavenly Citizen (Phil. 1:27-28)
7. The Privilege of Suffering for Christ (Phil. 1:29-30)
8. Forces Which Make for Concord (Phil. 2:1-2)
9. The Things of Others (Phil. 2:3-4)
10. The Mind That Was in Christ Jesus (Phil. 2:5-11)
11. Working Out One’s Own Salvation (Phil. 2:12-13)
12. The Spirit of Repining (Phil. 2:14-16)
13. The Altar of Sacrifice (Phil. 2:17-18)
14. My Son Timothy (Phil. 2:19-24)
15. Brother and Fellow-Worker (Phil. 2:25-28)
16. Honoring the King’s Soldier (Phil. 2:29-30)
17. Rejoicing in the Lord (Phil. 3:1)
18. Living in the Streets (Phil. 3:2-3)
19. Revising the Balance-Sheet (Phil. 3:4-9)
20. Identified with Christ (Phil. 3:10-11)
21. This One Thing (Phil. 3:12-14)
22. The Rule of Faith (Phil. 3:15-16)
23. Imitating the Saints (Phil. 3:17-19)
24. The Heavenly Citizenship (Phil. 3:20-21)
25. The Unwithering Chaplet (Phil. 4:1)
26. The Ministry of Conciliation (Phil. 4:2-3)
27. The Art of Rejoicing (Phil. 4:4)
28. The Grace of Forbearance (Phil. 4:5)
29. The Cure for Care (Phil. 4:6)
30. The Sentinel of God’s Peace (Phil. 4:7)
31. What to Think About (Phil. 4:8)
32. The Things Which Lead to Peace (Phil. 4:9-10)
33. The Secret of Contentment (Phil. 4:11-12)
34. The Mighty Dynamic (Phil. 4:13)
35. Christian Fellowship (Phil. 4:14-18)
36. The Apostle’s Exchequer (Phil. 4:19-20)
37. The Consecration of Courtesy (Phil. 4:21)
38. The Saints of Caesar’s Household (Phil. 4:22)
39. The Grace of the Lord Jesus (Phil. 4:23)

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-953855-68-8
ISBN (PDF): 978-1-953855-67-1
ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-953855-69-5

RELIGION / Biblical Commentary / New Testament / Paul’s Letters (REL006810)
RELIGION / Biblical Studies / New Testament / Paul’s Letters (REL006720)
RELIGION / Christian Living / General (REL012000)

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