Emblems From Eden by James Hamilton


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The materials with which the Eternal writes His name may vary; but the style of the hand-writing is evermore the same.

We live east of Eden until Jesus returns. Yet, we can still feel the remnants of God’s handiwork throughout His universe.

In fact, when we look close enough, we discover that God’s fingerprints and intelligent design are all around us. Truly, “devotion recognises its Heavenly Father’s Hand and adores the matchless autograph.”

James Hamilton, who was both a preacher and an accomplished botanist, brings his two loves, the Bible and nature, together in this elegantly rich meditation on the role of nature in the Christian life.

Specifically, he identifies seven “emblems” from Eden that are still with us today, and that teach spiritual truths. These are the Tree of Life, vine, cedar, palm, garden inclosed, harvest home and immortality.

The result of this James Hamilton (1814-67) book, is a meditative journey through God’s natural wonders that refreshes, inspires and encourages.

James Hamilton, D.D. (1814-67) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister and author of biographies, tracts, hymns, memoirs, and bible studies. He earned an M.A. from Glasgow University, D.D. from the University of Edinburgh, was a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London (F.L.S.) and was a lecturer and journalist. He edited the Presbyterian Messenger and Evangelical Christendom and was also a respected botanist. He ministered at the National Scotch Church in Regent Square, London for most of his life.

1. The Tree of Life
2. The Vine
3. The Cedar
4. The Palm
5. The Garden Inclosed
6. Harvest Home
7. The Amaranth: Or, Immortality

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ISBN (MOBI): 978-1-953855-20-6
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Published January 2021
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