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A More Christian Industrial Order: The Christian’s Duty at Work and in Labor by Henry Sloane Coffin


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A Christian community cannot measure its wealth by the profits of its industries or the volume of its trade, but by the richness of the lives of its men, women and children.

Disillusionment spread like wildfire after the cataclysmic events of World War I and the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918–19. The emotional toll was particularly acute amongst workers and laborers, with many unable to find meaning or purpose anymore in their work. It was out of this environment that Henry Sloane Coffin (The Creed of Jesus, University Sermons) penned A More Christian Industrial Order.

Throughout the book he examines the Christian’s duty as producer, consumer, owner, investor, employer and employee. He also demonstrates how the Spirit of Jesus can reinvigorate and transform the way individuals and societies approach and experience work.

Coffin’s masterful application offers a glimpse of a better industrial world. A world where social strife, self-interest, profits, and greed are replaced with fraternity, selflessness, eternal purpose and mutual service – the perfect remedy for workers who feel lost and discouraged.

This new deluxe non-facsimile edition contains updated formatting, and modernized spelling.

Praise for A More Christian Industrial Order

“An excellent volume, which shows the insight and independence, the comprehension and fairness for which this author has an enviable reputation.” -Rev. Dr. Oscar Loos Joseph, The Methodist Review

“Some books should be weighed, not measured, and this is one of them. Written by a proven and acknowledged leader among those who are seeking to Christianize the social order, it makes no attempt at beautiful theory and glowing speculation, but seeks to be of practical value. A book of interest and value to everyone interested in a more Christian industrial order.” –The Review and Expositor

“An honest and sincere attempt to apply the teachings of Jesus and the spirit of Christian service to all the perplexing problems which are now vexing society in this country and throughout the world, and out of which comes the social and industrial unrest that is threatening not only to disturb the public peace, but to destroy all property and to overturn the very foundations of civilization itself.” -Jacob E. Clutz, The Lutheran Quarterly Review

Henry Sloane Coffin (1877-1954) was a renowned American minister and educator. He pastored Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City and made it one of the most influential churches in America under his leadership. He was Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and was President of Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. He earned a B.A. and M.A. from Yale University, and B.D. from Union Theological Seminary

1. The Christian as Producer
2. The Christian as Consumer
3. The Christian as Owner
4. The Christian as Investor
5. The Christian as Employer and Employee
Conclusion – Democracy and Faith
Scripture Index

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023901277

RELIGION / Christian Living / Calling & Vocation (REL012140)
RELIGION / Christian Living / Professional Growth (REL012090)
BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Labor / General (BUS038000)

ISBN (hardcover): 978-1-953855-36-7
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-953855-35-0
ISBN (PDF): 978-1-953855-39-8
ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-953855-37-4

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Hardcover, Paperback, eBook