I’m Still Writing These Lines: Lyrics by John Fairfull


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All art is God giving you a message for you to put out there in the world.

In this collection of lyrics, noted guitarist and lead singer John Fairfull takes readers through a kaleidoscopic dreamscape of song that is both a poetic vision and a social commentary on the world around us.

The realization of over 20 years of creative energy, his lyrics confront the emotional complexities of pain, embrace the soul-stirring realities of triumph, and seek to comprehend the seemingly paradoxical feelings of despair and hope.

His songs put readers in touch with not only the human condition, but with God Himself through the universal language of music, a gift that He has so graciously enabled us to use to worship Him and connect with each other.

John Fairfull is a singer-songwriter and former lead guitarist and singer of Five Minute Plan, a Central Florida indie rock band. Throughout his accomplished career in the music industry, John has released two full length albums, three extended play albums, and has been involved in numerous solo projects, radio appearances and concerts. John also serves as the Music and Media Director at Jordan Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida, and is owner of Simplicity Solutions Group, a software company in Orange City, Florida.

An Interview With John Fairfull
1. 417
2. A Battle Inside
3. The Answer
4. At the End of the World
5. Bleeding Heart
6. Chasing Memories
7. Collide
8. The Crossing Lines
9. The Cycle
10. Dawn
11. Disappear
12. Downfall
13. Drive
14. Eclipse
15. The Ephemeral
16. Far From Me
17. The Getaway
18. The Golden Thread
19. How to Increase the Speed of Light
20. In the End
21. Legacy
22. Lesson Learned
23. Lift You Up
24. Narrow Paths
25. Never Heard a Sound
26. On Starting Over
27. Out of Here
28. Pain
29. The Reason You Believe
30. Second Chance
31. Seeing is Seeing
32. See You Again
33. Shine On
34. Sky’s the Limit
35. Start
36. Stasis
37. Two Weeks Notice
38. Wide Awake
39. Worth
40. Year in Review
41. You Aren’t Here
42. You Gotta Do What You

ISBN (PDF): 978-1-953855-61-9
ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-953855-62-6
ISBN (MOBI): 978-1-953855-63-3
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MUSIC / Lyrics (MUS052000)
MUSIC / Religious / Contemporary Christian (MUS009000)
POETRY / General (POE000000)
Cover Design by J.R. Waller
Published March 2021
Made entirely in the USA

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