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Stories of Self-Reliance by Joseph Tuttle


Stories of Self-Reliance by Joseph Tuttle

An inspirational children's book about character development.

This splendidly rich children’s book, written by Rev. James Tuttle for the American Sunday School Union in the 1850s and based on true accounts, follows the life of James Howard from his hardworking childhood to his adult years as he strives to become a pastor.

Along the way, James is confronted with challenges great and small. Yet in each struggle he remains committed to relying on God’s guiding hand to see him through.

Set in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Stories of Self Reliance is an enlightening celebration of community, family, and Christ.

Its story teaches the value of hard work, thrift and industry and the importance of Christian service, adhering to Godly principles, and salvation in Jesus. Its inspiring lessons on character development make it a worthy addition to any home library.

Joseph F. Tuttle, D.D. (1818-1901) was a Presbyterian minister and distinguished president of Wabash College. He earned degrees from Mariette College and Lane Theological Seminary and pastored the Second Presbyterian Church of Delaware, Ohio, First Presbyterian Church of Rockaway, New Jersey and Central Presbyterian Church in Crawfordsville, Indiana. His linage traces back to the New Haven Colony’s founding in 1638. He and his wife Susan are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Crawfordsville.

1. "I Wish I Was a Man!”
2. “Mother Is Dying”
3. A Mother’s Grave
4. Dark Days and Wise Counsel
5. God Helps the Man Who Helps Himself
6. Hard Work and Good Wages
7. Farmer Jones Makes an Offer
8. John Makes a Visit
9. Where There Is a Will There Is a Way
10. The Doctor’s Bill
11. Important Changes
12. Startling Proposition
13. Ways and Means
14. Keep Good Courage
15. The Sleigh-Ride and Duty
16. New Scenes
17. The Hypochondriac
18. A Serious Mistake
19. The Path Regained
20. Conflicting Opinions

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