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Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine: The Eternal Hope of Christianity by Dr. George R. Sledd

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Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine: The Eternal Hope of Christianity by Dr. George R. Sledd

The most important thing for anyone is a clear solid assurance of salvation.

Sometimes Christians struggle with assurance of their salvation. Perhaps you’re facing that struggle? Maybe you made a decision for Christ at a young age but are unsure if you really meant it? Or maybe you just don’t feel saved?

In this thoughtful and sensitive volume, Dr. Sledd shelters readers from the storms of doubt and fear about assurance and takes them on a compassionate journey into the very heart of what it means to be a saved child of God.

With wise pastoral insight, he explains reasons why Christians struggle with assurance and how they can overcome such challenges. Other topics include a study on justification, and what it means to see Jesus. Most importantly, he teaches the importance of seeking Jesus instead of assurance, for He alone is our assurance of salvation.

Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine is for all who wish to better understand and rest in their Savior’s infinite love for them and in the eternal hope of Christianity.

George Sledd, D.D. is Senior Pastor of Jordan Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida, and is Treasurer and Executive Director of Baptist Faith Missions. Dr. Sledd holds a bachelor’s degree from Lexington Baptist College, Master of Divinity from Atlantic Coast Bible College and Seminary and Doctor of Divinity from Master’s International University of Divinity. He and his wife Pam have three children and five grandchildren. He is also the author of The Woman's Head Covering: A Biblical Perspective.




This book was written to help advance the work of Baptist Faith Missions. Learn more here.

1. My Story
2. Assurance and the Three Sides of Justification
3. Assurance and Our Eternal Security
4. Assurance Is Seeing Jesus
5. You Can Have More Assurance
6. Some Helps for a Blessed Assurance
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