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The Calling of a Christian Woman by Morgan Dix


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This, then, is my thesis: that the elevation of Woman comes to her in and through Jesus Christ; that she is safe, so long as she remains loyal to Him; that if there be at present any good cause for dissatisfaction with her circumstances and position, it is the result of departure from the principles of the Gospel and denial of the Christian faith.

These lectures, by the great American priest Morgan Dix, provide a thorough understanding of what it means to be a woman according to God’s word.

Despite what a prevailing culture might say, being a woman is an honor and privilege to be cherished and celebrated because Christianity and God himself prioritize and exalt women.

In fact, as Dix points out, without Jesus women’s rights would not exist, marriage would only be a social contract instead of a divine institution, and women would have no means by which to fulfill their truest gifts. However, through loyalty to God, women can find purpose, mission, identity, and a secured place in the universe.

Both uplifting and insightful, The Calling of a Christian Woman brings clarity to questions about female identity and encouragement to women as it teaches the importance of prioritizing God’s calling for her and recognizing the special role she has in the world through Jesus Christ.

Morgan Dix (1827-1908) was a noted Episcopalian author, theologian, priest, and church leader. He worked as a minister at St. Mark’s Church, Philadelphia before serving for nearly half a century as the ninth rector for Trinity Church, New York City. Dix held degrees from Columbia College and General Theological Seminary, served five terms as President of the House of Deputies, and was a clerical deputy from New York to eight General Conventions.

1. The Place of Woman in This World
2. The Degradation of Woman by Paganism and Her Restoration by Christianity
3. The Education of Woman for Her Work
4. The Sins of Woman against Her Vocation
5. Divorce
6. A Mission for Woman

ISBN (paperback):  978-1-953855-59-6
ISBN (PDF): 978-1-953855-70-1
ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-953855-50-3

RELIGION / Christian Living / Women’s Interests (REL012130)
RELIGION / Christian Living / Love & Marriage (REL012050)
RELIGION / Sermons / Christian (REL058010)

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