New Ministry Help – Reconciliation and Redemption: Lessons from Philemon by Thiago M. Silva, ThM

Thiago Silva, ThM

Reconciliation and Redemption: Lessons from Philemon by Thiago M. Silva, ThM

The Greater Heritage Ministry Helps series of booklets teach important and relevant biblical topics in practical ways to help ministry professionals and believers grow spiritually and walk closer with Christ.

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This Ministry Help booklet is an insightful exploration of the themes of forgiveness, grace, and transformation within the context of Paul’s Letter to Philemon.

Throughout, Pastor Thiago Silva delves into the narrative of Onesimus, a runaway slave who encountered the transformative power of Christ’s love and became a beloved brother in the faith.“Our lives are a canvas upon which the redemption of Christ is painted—a redemption that reshapes our identity, relationships, and purpose.”

Through a Christocentric lens, this work examines the biblical foundations and applications of redemption, inviting readers to journey alongside Philemon and Onesimus as they navigate the intricacies of reconciliation and restoration.

With a blend of biblical content, reflective insights, and Christ-centered applications, Reconciliation and Redemption: Lessons from Philemon offers readers a transformative exploration of forgiveness, grace, and transformation.

It reminds us that the story of Onesimus and Philemon is not just an ancient tale, but a living narrative that resonates with the timeless truth of God’s redemptive work through Jesus Christ.

The Epistle of Philemon
1. The Call to Reconciliation
2. The Power of Forgiveness and Grace
3. The Redemption Journey
Conclusion: Living Out the Redemption Narrative

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