New Study Guide – The Lord’s Table by Paul Tambrino and J.R. Waller

J.R. Waller, MBA

The Lord’s Table by Paul Tambrino, PhD, EdD and J.R. Waller, MBA

The Greater Heritage Study Guides are concise yet thorough booklets that shed light on important Biblical truths, as well as significant moments and figures in church history.

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In this Study Guide Dr. Paul Tambrino (Mariology: Past, Present and Future, Ask Augustine) and J.R. Waller (Light for the World, Truth That Endures Forever) examine the history, meaning and significance of the Lord’s Table, also known as the sacrament of Holy Communion or the Eucharist. This guide also comes with questions for further study and reflection.

1. Introduction – Towards “Getting It Right”
2. The Lord’s Table throughout Church History
3. A Past Remembrance, a Present Communion, and a Prophecy of the Future
4. Symbolism or Presence?
5. The Meaning of “This is my body”
6. The Significance of The Lord’s Table
7. Conclusion – An Immortal Memorial
8. Questions for Further Study

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