Three Poems – Church Truth, God Is So Good and Psalm 2 by Kathryn Tipton

Kathryn Tipton

Three Poems – Church Truth, God Is So Good and Psalm 2

by Kathryn Tipton

Church Truth

A lot of people think that church
Is just a place to go;
They do not understand that it
Is not just there for show.

The Church is not just made of stone
Or wood or painted walls –
But, rather, is the gathering
Of Christian people all.

They might not ever know just right
The pow’r of prayer – until
They’ve tried it for themselves, and find
The pow’r of prayer is real.

A lot of folks don’t comprehend
The way God’s Spirit leads;
They never fully understand
They must, to Him, accede.

They maybe know that getting drunk
Is not the way to be,
But never let God’s Spirit guide

His Spirit should control our lives
And tell us what to do,
In just the way a drunk man’s drink
Controls his actions, too.

As Christians, we’re supposed to be
A group that’s set apart
A group that stands out in the crowd,
And has a Christlike heart.

We need to, as a group, attempt
To be more like our Lord;
To daily practice what He taught,
And daily wield the Sword.

God Is So Good

God is so good, He’s the best of the best –
The One Who stands with us, through every test.

He’s better than good – He’s awesome and kind.
He is the Greatest, that ever you’ll find.

God is so caring, and loving, and wise;
He made the whole world – the earth and the skies.

God is so good, He’s the King of all Kings –
He is our Savior, of Whom the world sings.

Psalm 2

Why do heathen rage, and people think of things in vain?
The leaders all take counsel, and ungodly things obtain.

They say, “Let’s cast away our cords, and break our bands in two;”
And God shall laugh, because their thoughts He always, always knew.

Because they disobeyed our Lord, He’ll be upset at them –
His punishments shall overflow, as water o’er the brim.

Yet, even then, He’s given us His Holy Son – our King;
Whatever Jesus asks, He’ll give – whatever, anything.

So let our kings and rulers be wise and understand;
Lord, help them be instructed – all the judges of our Land!

Let them serve the Lord with fear, and tremble with His praise,
And show affection to our Lord each and all their days.

And if we trust in Jesus Christ, and follow His commands,
He’ll bless us all in many ways – it’s oh so very grand!

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