Help Them for Them

J.R. Waller, MBA


12) Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man. 13) Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.Psalm 108:12-13 (KJV)

Have you ever overstepped when helping someone? Maybe you have a tendency to help others just to help yourself?

Or, maybe you struggle to let God be the reason for why you help others?

Before you get discouraged, did you know that all Christians face these challenges?

In this lesson, we are going to look briefly at how we can better help others as Christians by allowing God to be at the center of our helping hearts and actions.

Help Them for Them

David gives some tough love when he states that “vain is the help of man.” But you know what? He’s right.

The word “vain” here comes from the Hebrew word “shav” which means “vanity.” It means that man’s help is empty, false, untrue and even worthless.

That stings, but think about it. Though difficult to admit, man’s help is always tinged with something other than truth, and often it is not purely motivated.“We tend to think that we know the right answers or have the best advice.”

Also, man does not have anywhere near the power that God does to help in times of trouble. We’re really not as great at helping out as we think.

For example, we all have our own agendas, goals and desires. We also tend to think that we know the right answers or have the best advice.

Unfortunately, this can really trip us and others up. Sometimes we help others because it also helps us more. We see that there is something in it for us and we take advantage.

Other times, we step into things we have no right being experts in just to puff up our pride, and in turn we do more harm than good.“…the best help, and the only true help comes from God.”

It’s important to understand that the best help, and the only true help comes from God.

In fact, if human history is any indication, man’s answers to humanity’s troubles apart from God haven’t really gotten us far.

Man’s laws and rules, even under good intentions, are inconsistent at best and wrongly motivated at worst without God.

So does this mean we can never be of help to anyone? Not at all.

The key is that we realize that the nature of our help is ultimately flawed and that we must receive our help from God and let him be the reason behind why we help others.

We must let God work through us and let him be the motivation for helping others. Remember, as Christians we will never be perfect in this life.

Yet, the Bible is filled with examples and teachings about how believers can be a good help to others.“…we must receive our help from God and let him be the reason behind why we help others.”

We just have to be conscious and aware of our tendency to let ourselves get in the way of helping others, and also allow God to work.

If someone comes to us in need in an area we truly don’t know about, better to pray for them and connect them with someone who can help.

When we see someone’s need as a means to our own selfish ends, we need to check our heart and help them for them, irrespective of personal gain.


Ultimately, we must remember that true help comes from God alone. He is our refuge and strength and help from trouble. We must always look to him, because “through God we shall do valiantly.”

Next time someone in trouble comes to you for help, make sure you are allowing God to be at the center of your helping heart and actions.

Remember, you Christian are his ambassador, make everything count for his kingdom.

Soli Deo gloria!

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