About Our Authors

The Greater Heritage is proud to publish timeless, sound, and God-honoring books by some of the greatest Christian authors, theologians, ministers and leaders of days gone by.

Though heralded in their own generations, as time has marched on many of our authors and their works have become overlooked and in some cases nearly lost to history.

Yet, the struggles they endured, the challenges they overcame and the questions they wrestled with were no different from our own.

Moreover, God’s Word was to them just what it is to Bible believing Christians of any age – powerful, life-changing and our supreme authority.

We have thus taken it upon ourselves to ensure their legacies and works are not forgotten.

Through our publishing process, we’re able to present their books in stunning new editions that are at once 100% original yet designed with contemporary flare and polish for the modern, discerning reader.

We hope that a new generation rediscovers these lost heroes of the faith and their rich literary treasures. We believe that those who do will find their spirits lifted, hearts encouraged and faith confirmed.

May their works equip you “for an abundant life of service, personal spiritual growth and character development.”

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