Bible Poems – You Meant It and Psalm 1 by Kathryn Tipton

Kathryn Tipton

Two Bible Poems about God’s Promises and Strength


You Meant It

All my life, I’ve been a normal human;
Because, Dear Lord, You’ve given humans Choice –
But, Lord, I know I need to be forgiven,
And then, for You, forever use my voice.

Dear Lord, how could You love this wreck
Of sin and selfish pity?
How could You ever take me Home
To Your bright, golden city!?

I’ve wondered every day and night
How You could love me so;
The answer that You gave me back:
You’ll never let me go.

Dear Lord, You are amazing,
And now I fin’lly see
You meant it when You said that I
Am of much worth to Thee.

Psalm 1

Lord, bless me, please, and make me clean;
Lord, help me, always, on You, lean.

Lord, help me think of all Your Words,
And never blow like chaff or birds.

Help me be like a steady tree
Who brings forth fruit, dear Lord, for Thee.

Help me, Lord, be known by You,
To perish not as unknowns do.


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