Bible Poems – He Knew and Help Me Serve by Kathryn Tipton

Kathryn Tipton

Two Bible Poems about God’s Sovereignty and Servant Leadership


He Knew

When God sent Jesus Christ, His Son,
He knew the battle’d not been won.

He knew His Son’d be crucified,
Deserted – left alone – to die.

He also knew that He’d be raised,
And from that deed, He would be praised.

He knew of all the Christians who
Would live for Him – be martyred, too.

He knew that in the end He’d save
Those who stood firm – through trials, brave.

He knew with Him in Heav’n they’d live,
And to you, too, that Life He’ll give.

Help Me Serve

Lord, help me have a Missions-mind,
Lord, help me, myself, to You, bind.

Help me do what You want me to,
Always, forever, follow You.

I want to serve You with my life,
And help keep others out of strife.

I want to lead people to You,
And help them do what they should do.

Lord, help me serve where’er I should,
And do for You, Lord, all I could.

Help me forever follow You,
My life, in You, Lord, continue.


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